Corals will be shipped out through FedEx or UPS Overnight Shipping to the continental U.S.  Mondays thru Wednesdays, as the weather permits. Corals cannot be shipped out during extreme weather conditions.  

Most shipments will arrive before 10:30am or 12pm and no signature is needed.  Some rural areas have a delivery commitment before 12:30pm or 4:30pm.  

  • Raising Reefs DOES NOT guarantee that a shipment can arrive before a certain time.  Although Raising Reefs and the buyer can do their best to avoid poor weather conditions, there are circumstances of late deliveries that can’t be predicted or avoided.  
  • If a delivery arrives after an expected time, Raising Reefs cannot be held responsible and WILL NOT refund shipping costs.

We ship only to the shipping address selected during checkout. Raising Reefs will work with you to find a suitable date for you to receive your corals.  Corals will not be shipped out until a date has been determined.

  • Purchased frags will be shipped out at least 1 week after frags are cut to allow healing.  WYSIWYG does not need the one week waiting period. 
  • On the check-out page, customers can select the best date for the coral to arrive. If undecided, the customer will be contacted by Raising Reefs via email.

What to expect?

The frag plug is set in a condiment cup or custom frag holder and placed inside a bag, this ensures protection during shipment.  The frags are then labeled with the coral name, double bagged and heat-sealed shut. Thick styro-lined boxes and heat or cool packs are used, depending on the weather.

DOA Policy 

DOAs, dead on arrivals, are an unfortunate occurrence, as I really hate to see corals die.  If a coral is dead on arrival , I will need to see a clear picture of the dead coral within two hours of receiving your package.

  • Email a picture to or of the dead coral.  Do not use all blue lighting when taking the picture.  Use 10k or 14k setting for your pictures or use a filter to show a clear picture.
  • Stressed out corals are not considered dead.  However, if I see bleaching rapid tissue necrosis or death of the coral, a replacement of the same coral will be given.  If the coral is out of stock, then a store credit or refund will be given.
  • Raising Reefs will be the one to determine if the coral’s condition warrants a store credit, replacement or refund.
  • Replacements under the DOA or dead on arrival will not be charged a shipping fee if the purchase was over $399.  If a purchase is below $400, DOA replacements will incur a shipping cost of $60.


Purchase total  

Shipping costs

(Within the continental U.S.)

0-$399 $60 
$400 and up Free Shipping